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Day 6 Bicycles OwnerMillions of years ago, my ancestors threw some rubber leaves, oil, wood, and bauxite into a cave in Iowa and in 1995 we discovered the cave.  After millions of years of flooding, earthquakes, lightning strikes, and chemical reactions, the ingredients became a Day 6 bicycle and we are the proud beneficiaries of this ‘miracle’.  I have put absolutely no time, thought, intelligence, or effort into designing these amazing bikes; nor did I employ any kind of physics or science.  Every angle, dimension, and part simply formed itself and it all just happens to fit and work perfectly with the human body.  Isn’t that amazing?  This is awesome for us because we didn’t have to hire any designers, draftsmen, or engineers; or waste time thinking about what we wanted the bike to do for our customers.  As you can see from their testimonies, they are as thankful as we are for this random and spontaneous chain of events that created such a wonderful piece of machinery.

OK, I had to have some fun with the evolution fairytale!

As of today, we are based in Southwest Iowa where Day 6 develops bicycles that are comfortable and practical and fit the design of the human body.  Many people who are older or have hip or knee replacements or who suffer from neck and back pain or are obese or who have any number of physical limitations come to Day 6 because they want to be able to enjoy riding a bicycle again.  Of particular benefit is our wide seat, comfortable backrest, extended handlebars that eliminate leaning forward, and the ability to reach the ground with both feet while stopped.  The Day 6 virtually eliminates low back pain, neck pain, wrist and shoulder pain, and pain in the butt and crotch.  I injured my back at the age of 24 and was unable to ride bicycles with my four young children at the age of 30.   Traditional bicycles were out of the question and I didn’t want a full blown recumbent so I began a modifying bikes I picked up at pawn shops or junk yards.  It didn’t take long to realize that what was needed was an entirely new kind of design.  After multiple trials and years of testing (and a decade before anyone had heard of a crank forward), we developed a frame that was worthy of engineered drawings and production.  The Day 6 bicycles we produce today are the result of 5 years of developing this design and it is so good that after 17 years of producing Day 6 bicycles, we have not changed the basic geometry at all.  Before Day 6, we developed wheelchair seating systems for the elderly and handicapped and that business, The Comfort Company, is still thriving.   Go to:   There we learned how seating must accommodate the design of the human body and where comfort and real world performance must meet for something to be truly remarkable.  Based on the testimonies we get from our customers, I think we have achieved our goal.


Day 6 Bicycles Owner



“Simply put, I love my Dream 24 Day 6 bicycle. In fact, I literally crave riding it. It is the most comfortable thing on two wheels that I have ever sat on. I have loved cycling for many years, but my racing bike was starting to cause pain between my shoulder blades – and when that area didn’t hurt, my derriere did. The Day 6 solves both of those problems. My average distance used to be about 30 miles – the second time I went out on “Dreamy,” I easily biked 60 and could have gone farther, but it was getting dark! It is not a light-weight bike, as most semi-recumbents are not, but you make that trade for the sake of unbelievable comfort. Just buy this bike – it is a whole new biking experience. You will love it!”

Betsy in CA

“I finally got a day without rain yesterday and went for a short ride with my grandson. This is the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden! Absolutely love it!! I am a 66 year old grandma who loves to bike ride! Thank you for creating a well made comfortable bike.”

Diana in Florida

“Thank you! Because of the bike you made for me, I was able to ride in my first group ride ever. It was a blast and I loved it. A game changer. I rode 25 miles and got good exercise, but was not exhausted. Could not have done it without your bike. I so appreciate you and what you did for me.”