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Motors and Batteries

Day 6 Electric

If you have a standard Day 6 and are looking for electric, you may want to keep your bike, convert it to electric, and save some money.

We offer two sizes of Bafang mid drive motors and two sizes of lithium ion batteries.

Our mid drive motor kits have many benefits:

  • Pedal assist has multiple power levels.  Depending on your fitness and the terrain – you decide how much power you want.
  • Waterproof wire connectors are extremely secure.
  • Utilizes the gearing of the bike. Like a motorcycle or car, when you come to a hill and shift down, the motor spins at a higher RPM.
  • Unlike hub motors, you can use your existing wheels or upgrade your wheelset.
  • No need to unplug wires while changing a flat.
  • Easy to read display.
  • Color display comes with USB power port.
  • Motor shut-off brake levers.
  • Kits come with everything you need for a complete conversion.
  • Motor is mounted low and centered for great balance.
  • Bafang 350W and 750HD motors available.  The 350 is great for those who are active riders and want minimal weight but still want some zip up the hill. The 750HD is for the heavier rider, those riding steep hills or whose health requires extra assist, or for those who just want to zoom up the hill!
  • 350W motors have a 68mm shaft that fits a 2 5/8″ long bottom bracket shell.  This motor would fit all Dreams, Journeys, Patriots, and older model Samsons (See image below).
  • The 750W motor is available in two different shaft lengths.  A 68mm long shaft fits the same bikes as the 350W motor above and a 100mm long shaft fits a 3 3/4″ long bottom bracket shell that is found on Behemoths and newer model Samsons.

  • Controller is internal so no extra mounting on frame.

  • Sensor shuts down motor (750HD) while shifting and then engages motor when shifting is complete for smoother gear changes.

  • Thin profile, 48 volt battery sits between down tubes for improved balance and performance.

  • Batteries come in 14 amp hour and 17.5 amp hour.

  • 14Ah battery gets about 35 miles with no pedaling at 17mph.

  • 17.5Ah battery gets about 45 miles.

  • Battery case by Reention locks to the frame with a key.

  • Battery charger included.

  • Systems come with 42 tooth alloy chainrings unless otherwise specified.



“My wife and I have Day6 bikes for several years. Last year I put an electric motor on mine. This is absolutely the last bike you will ever need or want. It is simply fantastic, no pain or discomfort and so much fun to ride. I have nothing to do with this company I am simply a Christian man who loves this product and recommend for everyone.”

Steve Matthews

“Oh my gosh, the bike is amazing with the battery! I went on a 10 mile ride yesterday with my friends. It has changed my life!”

Ann in TX

“I purchased an electric bike from Day 6 Bicycles located in Iowa. I did not know what to expect as I previously rode non-electric bikes of normal configuration and was experiencing discomfort mostly with the seat and handle bar set up, which lead to me riding less and less over time. After riding my Day 6 electric bike the joy of bike riding has returned. The semi recumbant configuration is an “A plus” design, combined with the seat, back rest and handle bars I am experiencing no discomfort no matter how long I ride. Then add the electric motor and even more joy returns to bike riding. It can be windy, there can be hills and with an assist from the electric motor and all those things just vanish. I am riding all the time, for longer distances and getting way more exercise than I could have imagined putting up with the discomfort of my regular bike. One of the best purchases I have made for my health and well being!”


Steve B. – MN