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A Recent Testimony:

I want to let you know about our RevElations Day 6 bicycles.  I researched ebikes for over a year trying to decide IF they were right for my wife and I and WHICH one to choose.  We settled on the Day 6 and, after only a week, we could not be happier!

I am 73 and my wife of 50 years is  – well – younger!  I have not ridden a bike for over 6 years and that ride was NOT enjoyable!  Since that adventure, I have had my right hip replaced and, recently, my foot and ankle reconstructed with a complicated surgery.   Along with that, I am a large man, which contributed to the physical problems.
We were first able to do a “check” ride on Monday.  The Day 6 geometry takes a bit of getting used to but by the end of our 4 mile ride, we were pleased.  On Wednesday, we took another trip, this one for 7 miles and, again, I was amazed at how I felt!..Today, Friday, we did a 10 mile trip down the same path I quit on after 2 miles several years ago.  What a difference!  My ankle and hip did NOT hurt and we felt we had a great workout, only using the pedal assist minimally.  We are targeting an 18 mile trip very soon and, after that, who knows?  What means the most to me, however,  is the ability to ride side by side with my wife, talking and enjoying the ride outdoors while matching our speed to each other!
Lastly, I can recommend Kelly enthusiastically!!  He fielded all my questions for over a year, never once belittling my knowledge of ebikes or of biking in general.  He was so very helpful in choosing the model and size that would fit our riding the best!  I know he will take care of you, too!!
David Hamilton, DDS
Bloomsburg, PA


Day 6 Overview

There is a reason they are the most comfortable, upright bicycles ever made!

See for yourself!

As seen on PBS:

DAY 6: The official bicycle of 18 year NFL veteran, Lomas Brown, and 19 year NBA veteran, Rick Mahorn.

"I'm a retired Air Force officer and I ride bikes every day. I usually my Day 6."

Al Brody

"When I got my Day 6, all the sudden, mostly everything (the pain) disappeared."

Rick Mahorn



“I tried out the Day 6 and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, superb comfort, excellent low speed handling, easy to bop on & off curbs. Thanks for the time spent on the phone. I truly hope your business takes off because, for what I want in a bike, you’re making the best bike I’ve ridden.”

Doug in MI

“Thank you for designing and building a great bicycle, the Dream8. I had ridden road bikes most of my life. Once I hit 60 years of age, that type of bike was no longer a viable option. The Dream8 has graced my garage for 2 months now, and I am thoroughly enjoying ownership of this miracle. It is extremely comfortable and does not induce any of those “aches” that my road bikes did. I am “out in the wind” again and back to a regular work-out routine. Thanks again.”

Bob in Florida

“I finally got a day without rain yesterday and went for a short ride with my grandson. This is the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden! Absolutely love it!! I am a 66 year old grandma who loves to bike ride! Thank you for creating a well made comfortable bike.”

Diana in Florida

“My husband got his Day 6 yesterday and said to tell you thank you, he loves it. He has very bad circulation problems and he rode it for over an hour yesterday and said he didn’t want to get off it.”  
Tracee in Indiana
“You named this bike correctly.  It is truly a Dream…… I’m looking forward to lots of rides on this bike.  The seat and backrest are perfect for me.”  
Warren in Iowa