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Q: Can I buy just the Day 6 seat and backrest and put them on my own bicycle/tricycle?

A: You could buy our seat and backrest but because everything on a Day 6 has been specifically designed to work in conjunction with each other, they might not work as well on your bike/trike.

Our wider seat works great on a Day 6 because the pedals are out in front of you instead of under you like on a traditional bicycle.  (some tricycles have the pedals out in front of you so our seat may work okay in that instance)  A wide seat on a traditional bicycle will interfere with the pedal down stroke and make it uncomfortable or awkward to ride.  Moving the seat back 10″ on the Day 6 allows you to easily pedal AND reach the ground when stopped.

Our backrest may not work well on a traditional bike either since you have to lean forward to reach the handlebars which would pull you away from the backrest.  If you got longer handlebars to sit upright, the steering may be compromised because the head tube angle is too upright compared to a Day 6.  You would also have to get longer cables to fit the longer handlebars.

In addition, our seat post is larger and at a different angle than most bicycles so the backrest clamp would either not fit (if your seat post is smaller than ours (30.4mm) you can use a shim to get the right diameter) or it would be at the wrong angle and push you forward.  (The Day 6 has a more reclined seat post angle)

By the time you modified your current bicycle you may have more money in it than would be reasonable and you may be somewhat compromised.

If you send us a picture of your bike/trike ([email protected]) we can usually tell if our assembly is going to work.  Trikes have a better chance of working than bikes.

We can sell you the parts and if they don’t work on your bike/trike, you can send them back to us.

Q:  What kind of bike rack can be used to transport my Day 6?


A: The best kind of carriers are the ones that allow you to set the bike on its tires. These tray style carriers require either a 2″ or 1 1/4″ receiver.  The 2″ receivers are more stable.

Hollywood makes the economical Trail Rider for two bikes ($199.99) which fits a 2″ or 1 1/4″ receiver.

Hollywood makes the Sport Rider 2 ($264.99) which is a two bike carrier that fits 1 1/4″ or 2″ receivers.  It folds up toward the vehicle which is a great feature.

Hollywood also make the Sport Rider SE2 ($329.99) which holds two bikes but a kit can be added ($219.99) so you can carry a total of four Day 6’s. The SE2 only fits a 2″ receiver.  The SE2 will also work with their Cargo Carrier ($219.99) which is a tray for hauling assorted gear.

Their are other brands out there.  Contact your local bicycle retailer to see if the carriers they represent fit a Day 6.

FYI:  The Day 6 has a 52″ wheelbase.

Further suggestions:

The padded hooks on bike carriers can rub the paint off the frame if used for extended periods of time.  We recommend you purchase a spreader bar/bike beam that attaches between the seat post and the handlebars.  The padded hook on the carrier will clamp onto this instead of the frame and save your paint.  We recommend the Bike Adapter Pro/Extra Long from Hollywood.  ($40).  This will also allow you to carry your Day 6 on carriers that you hang your bike on.

Q:   What is the best way to set up a Day 6?


A: Because the seat, backrest, and handlebars on a Day 6 are integral to the ideal riding position, starting with some basics can save you some time and frustration.

A good place to start is to have the bottom of the seat parallel with the ground and all the way back in relation to the seat post.  For seat height, you want your leg slightly bent when the pedal is at the point furthest away from you.

The backrest should fit your lower back and support you so you are able to pedal without the back of your legs hitting the front of the seat cushion.  If that is happening you need to slide forward a bit.

The handlebars should be parallel to the head tube or pulled slightly back toward you.

The one photo below is an extreme view of what NOT to do with the bars forward and the backrest high and rearward.  The one on the left is a good starting place.

Dream8 Example
Dream8 Example