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Day 6 Bicycles



Over the years, we have found that people love the geometry of the Day 6.  And why not?  It eliminates leaning over the bars, it allows your feet to reach the ground, and it allows you to use a backrest and a wider seat.


We have also found that the vast majority of people love our backrest.  Unlike other backrests on upright bicycles, the Day 6 Ergo S’port backrest is soft, contoured to fit your lumbar area, and it is adjustable horizontally and vertically..


Seats, however, are another thing entirely.

Some people want them wide, some want them narrow, some want them hard, some want them soft.  Everyone has a different opinion.  Because of that, we are introducing several seat choices for the Day 6:

Sport Seat

The Sport Seat is a generous 13″ wide and the front edges are swept back more than the Contour Seat which allows you to reach the ground and the pedals easier than the Contour Seat.  The Sport Seat will fit a wider range of people and work better for those with hip problems or balance issues due to the ease of pedaling and reaching the ground.


The Sport Seat is good for people up to about 180 pounds.


For those over 180 pounds, you may want to try the Sport Seat HD with a layer of memory foam and a firmer feel.

We are encouraging our dealers to have one of each in stock so you can choose which one works best for you.

Contour Seat

Contour Seat and Backrest

If you are looking for wide (16″) and lush, the Contour Seat with its two densities of memory foam fits the bill.


The Contour Seat has been our go-to for years and most people love it but the Sport Seat’s performance and ease of reaching the pedals gives it an edge.