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At Day 6, our best sales tool – besides a ride – is what our customers say about our bicycles.


Many have had life changing experiences. Many are thrilled to be able to ride a bicycle again. Some like us so much we are in their facebook profile picture!


Read for yourself what our customers think of their day 6 bicycle!

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80 years old and Day Sixing 6 days a week!
– Charles in AL
Happy New Year Kelly!
I still love and ride my bike. I plan to ride it on into my 60’s 70’s 80’s and as long as I can.
Tonja – WA
Best bike ever for a guy with a bad back. My Day 6 Patriot allows me to ride as far as my legs can go!! 3,000 miles this year!
William – California
Thank you sir for building such an awesome Bike, it is ultimately a game changer!!!
– Jason
I want to let you know about our RevElations Day 6 bicycles.  I researched ebikes for over a year trying to decide IF they were right for my wife and I and WHICH one to choose.  We settled on the Day 6 and, after only a week, we could not be happier!
I am 73 and my wife of 50 years is  – well – younger!  I have not ridden a bike for over 6 years and that ride was NOT enjoyable!  Since that adventure, I have had my right hip replaced and, recently, my foot and ankle reconstructed with a complicated surgery.   Along with that, I am a large man, which contributed to the physical problems.
We were first able to do a “check” ride on Monday.  The Day 6 geometry takes a bit of getting used to but by the end of our 4 mile ride, we were pleased.  On Wednesday, we took another trip, this one for 7 miles and, again, I was amazed at how I felt!..Today, Friday, we did a 10 mile trip down the same path I quit on after 2 miles several years ago.  What a difference!  My ankle and hip did NOT hurt and we felt we had a great workout, only using the pedal assist minimally.  We are targeting an 18 mile trip very soon and, after that, who knows?  What means the most to me, however,  is the ability to ride side by side with my wife, talking and enjoying the ride outdoors while matching our speed to each other!
Lastly, I can recommend Kelly enthusiastically!!  He fielded all my questions for over a year, never once belittling my knowledge of ebikes or of biking in general.  He was so very helpful in choosing the model and size that would fit our riding the best!  I know he will take care of you, too!!
David Hamilton, DDS
Bloomsburg, PA

My prayers have been answered.  Finally a bike I can ride for more than 30 minutes. While doing a search on recumbent bikes, I found your website. It looked interesting enough so I looked for a reseller in Florida.  Even though I am 5′ 5″ tall I tried the only model they have in stock, a Large Dream24. After they let me test ride it, I loved the ride and I couldn’t resist, so I bought it.  After trying many seats on a regular bike, I can ride Day 6 bike for 1 hour and still have enough gas to keep going.  Your design is the best between a truly recumbent and a regular bike.  The wide seat takes the cake, it is the best seat on the market and the backrest helps like 90% of the ride. I like the black out theme on the bike, there is no chrome anywhere, which tends to rust.  Anyway, love the bike.  Thank you very much for your design.

William in Florida

The small Samson with the 750 Bafang motor, 17.5 Ah battery, and disc brakes has turned out to be the perfect bike. I have some experience with ebikes, having previously owned two from other manufacturers and ridden two other makes. All electric bikes are heavier than a regular bike, but with the unique low center of gravity frame design of the Day6, higher handlebars and back rest, both my wife and I have found ours to be the safest and easiest to maneuver of any that we have ridden – a big plus at our age. And with the pedal assist we can travel longer distances even with my bad knees. Riding again is one of the most fun activities we are doing in retirement thanks to you and Day 6.

John in Virginia

I love my Day6. It has helped lose weight and lower my BP and blood sugar levels. At 68 years old, keeping my body healthy is paramount and the Day6 makes it easy to want to go out often because it is so enjoyable.

Brad in Utah

I love my Day6. It has helped lose weight and lower my BP and blood sugar levels. At 68 years old, keeping my body healthy is paramount and the Day6 makes it easy to want to go out often because it is so enjoyable.

Brad in Utah

I can’t begin to explain how much fun we are having with our new Day6 RevElations!

They are better than advertised!   We looked at a lot of other ebikes and none of them came close to the Day6 design and features!   I love the comfortable seats … and that back rest is heavenly!  The manual mode (gear 0) is for starting our ride and exercise… I also was amazed at the 5 levels of pedal assist and … most important to me was the 5 levels of  “No pedaling” and just using the throttle button to “Cruise” … to sit back and just enjoy the ride!   The heavy duty kick stand is also very nice… and the adjustable seat and handle bar positions allow you to customize the bike and ride to fit your frame and needs. I cannot be happier… they are even better than I thought they would be!   And we can’t wait to hit all the bike trails very soon.  I think I will be wearing out those tires sooner than expected … because I just went for a ride and I could not stop riding my new ebike … it is just so much fun!  You hit a home run!   Thank you for working through all the Pandemic issues and helping us to secure our new ebikes!   I know we will enjoy them for many years to come… thanks again!

Rick in Ohio

“I purchased a Day 6 Dream 24 in early 2010.  I am mostly a commuter, but I do ride recreationally as well.  I have ridden my Dream (her name is Roxanne) fairly regularly for over ten years now, and she is still a dream.  The smoothness and quality feel she gives compared to my other bikes is noticeable when I get on her.  Nothing has broken in the ten years.  This is the highest quality, best riding bicycle I’ve ever owned.”

Gary Brown

“I bought my Day 6 around three years ago. Sadly it sat most of those three years in the shed due to a knee injury at work. I had bought it for the same reasons as many have. Age related injuries, and arthritis made it impossible for me to ride my old bike. This week I pulled it out of the shed and decided to go for it again. Oh My! I love this bike! I rode ten miles the first day. Today I rode 18! I may eventually upgrade to an electric assist as I get a little older, but it sure feels good to be out again!”


“This amazing bike has saved me, mentally and physically, from ending up on the junk pile.   I do mostly urban riding, counting time on the bike rather than miles.  I was wearing out, could not continue riding my traditional bikes; then I found Day 6.  I’ve been riding it 3 years, and at 83 I expect to ride it into my end of days.  As I glide before sunrise through the quietude of Eugene, I can’t help but think how lucky I am to be riding this smooth shifting, back saving invention.  Even more, I was raised in eastern Iowa and the morning’s ride makes me think I’m young again.”

Keith in Oregon

“Before I got my Day 6 bike I had given up on biking. It was just too painful on my knees and back. On top of that, I have an old wrist tendon injury that was aggravated by leaning over traditional handlebars; putting weight on my wrist joint in that awkward position made it burn and I had to quit riding after no more than a few miles. The riding position on the Day 6 is so natural that I can get on the bike after a Michigan winter and do a 17 mile ride with no pain during or even the next day after the ride! Thank you, Day 6!”

Chris – Michigan

“I am a big guy. Running a business and working towards my PhD while balancing all the responsibilities of a family and I always made excuses and made my health a low priority and the weight kept creeping up over the years. A year ago, I decided to really start trying to be healthier and adopted a much healthier eating lifestyle and tried to sleep at least 6 hours a night. Once that became a habit, I realized that I needed to start working out again. From old injuries in the Marine Corps and thinking I was indestructible in my 20s, my running days were over. I realized that I really missed bike riding. I went out and bought one and it broke under my weight. I didn’t know most bikes couldn’t handle a 300 pounder well. I have a 15 year old that I hadn’t ridden bikes with since he was a young child. I finally bought a Day 6 Sampson last week from the great staff at JC’s Bikes in Deland, Florida and been riding with my son every night since I got it. I literally almost had tears of joy running down my face on our first ride as the breeze was ripping through and he and I were pedaling down the road talking about life. That moment alone would have been worth everything I paid for the bike, however I am looking forward to continuing my health journey, making memories with my son (and girlfriend and our young children). Grateful for your bike.”

Sincerely, Rob- A Big Guy.

“I got my Dream 8 in August through a local dealer. I have 2 herniated discs and spinal stenosis that was affecting my back, legs, and knees. I had been toying with the idea of getting a bike because I live so close to the paved trail here, the Green Line. I had NOT planned on spending that amount, but the back rest and the upright riding position convinced me. It practically fixed my knees and eased some of the pain associated with the discs and the nerves being pinched. I am so glad I did. I rode almost daily until a recent flair which ended with my getting a nerve block and going into physical therapy. But, because of the way this bike is built, I’m able to get back to it already (leaning forward on a traditional bike is VERY bad for herniated discs, and the seating position on a recumbent bike is just as bad, but this one is fantastic). Biking is such a nice way to get out and get some fresh air and sunshine, and that is awesome for a night-shifter like me. Walking hurts, running is out of the question, but the unique design of the Dream 8 makes biking a possibility, and I am so very grateful for that.”


“I absolutely love my Dream24!  When I was younger, I had fallen three stories and broke my back in five places.  About 12 years ago, I had major reconstructive surgery on my lower back which included titanium rods, screws and inserts.  I have not been able to ride a conventional bike ever since.  I saw one of your bikes on a bike trail in Ohio and thought that this configuration was ideal for me!  I searched for a stocking dealer and found one in Edwardsville, Illinois.  It was quite a drive but it was worth it!  This bike is exactly what I needed!  I am able to go on longer rides with no discomfort and there is no stress on my lower back at all.  This bike also turns a lot of heads here in Amish country.  I am frequently asked about it and I am happy to say that I highly recommend it to all!  Thanks for making such a well built and well thought out bicycle.”

Maurice in Illinois

“I have had several knee surgeries and this is the only two wheel bicycle I have found that I can ride comfortably! Although I really enjoyed my standard Day 6 I still had physical limitations when it came to pressure on my left knee. I had trouble on hills and could not “keep up “ with my husband. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to find a solution using the Bafang mid drive motor. It has made all the difference for me!! We can take long rides together and I am ALWAYS ready to go! I also feel like we will be able to stay active for years to come! Thank you again for the innovative design of your Day 6 bicycle!”

God Bless, Carol

“Bought my Day 6 from Fun Wheels in Oxford, A L . Jimmy is a great guy to deal with. I LOVE MY Journey. Just had it a week, but it’s all I expected and more. Had my old cruiser 3 sp eed for 11 years. Great bike, but seating, leg position began to hurt my butt and back. Journey is perfect for this old man. Thanks!”

Charles Nichols

“I purchased the large Samson and absolutely love the bike. I have about 400 miles riding on it already. I’ve added a mid drive motor and two battery packs to help ride all the hills in my area (Texas Hill Country). A friend and I rode a circle route around Canyon Lake in just over 3 hrs, avg over 15 mph, 48 miles of rolling hills. I changed out the 14.5ah battery pack at the 43 mile marker! (Not bad for an old guy). The Samson feels so rock solid on the downhills that I just let the bike run. Top speed on a few hills was 40 mph plus! I’m pushing 70 and thought I would be in pain for that long of a ride the next day. I felt great! No soreness in my legs, back, neck, arms or wrists, it’s an amazing feeling to know that I can now ride the hills without the downside of pain and soreness. My friend who is an experienced bike rider (12 years my junior) was riding his suspension mountain bike and was sore for a couple days. We are planning to ride the Texas Hill Country Trail which is a loop of 311 miles through the hill country area. That will be a 4 to 5 day trip. Thanks again for building an awesome bike.”


“My wife and I have Day6 bikes for several years. Last year I put an electric motor on mine. This is absolutely the last bike you will ever need or want. It is simply fantastic, no pain or discomfort and so much fun to ride. I have nothing to do with this company I am simply a Christian man who loves this product and recommend for everyone.”

Steve Matthews

“I have recently purchased the Day 6 ebike and it is the best bike I have ever owned. I am 76 and this bike makes riding a pleasure. I used to ride about 14 miles twice a week but now I am riding every other day. I do not use the electric much but rather pedal; however it comes in handy uphill and into a strong wind. I recommend this bike to anyone who likes pleasure riding, not racing.”

Gary in MI

“My wife and I have cycled the San Diego coast for most of our lives. For the past ten years our old bikes just hung in our garage due to the pains and discomfort that we both would get from riding. We got into looking at what the cycling market had to offer, somehow we found Day 6 Bicycles and we liked everything that was said about this bike. We found a place to test ride one and went home to order them. Kelly, found us a local bike shop to ship the bikes and now we are riding 30 to 40 miles per ride. No pain or any other of the issues we used to have. Nothing but smiles now. Thank you Kelly, Day 6 bicycle guy!”

Ernie – CA

“Thank you for designing and building a great bicycle, the Dream. I had ridden road bikes most of my life. Once I hit 60, that type of bike was no longer a viable option. The Dream has graced my garage for 2 months now and I am thoroughly enjoying ownership of this miracle. It is extremely comfortable and does not induce any of those ‘aches’ that my road bikes did. I am ‘out in the wind’ again and back to a regular work-out routine. Thanks again.”

Bob – FL

 “Love my bike , many miles ….. No sore crotch , thank you Friend. ”  


 “I see why this bike is called the dream. 18 mile bike ride yesterday and a big smile on my face the whole time. I had no pain while riding a bike for the first time in many years. Thank you so much! ”  

Maxwell in MN

 “Took my first ride with my Samson on the Creeper Trail yesterday. I’m a big guy, and it’s not easy to find a bike big enough to hold me and be comfortable. My back usually aches after a long ride, but not with the Samson. This bike is great; I’d recommend it to anyone!”  

Dwyane – TN

 “My Day 6 Journey bike has revolutionized biking for me 100%. Suffering from kyphosis, I have found it increasingly difficult to ride for long periods of time – even on my ______ comfort bike. But now that I have a Journey, I have so much fun without pain, I don’t want to get off. Bravo, Day 6!” 

Vlad – Canada

 “I have the Samson bike and my wife has the Dream. This is the most comfortable bike and the best product out there for those who want to enjoy riding a bike with good speed, a quality product, without pain, fun, totally amazing!!!”      

Steve – Indiana

 “Let me say that I absolutely LOVE my Dream8.  Even after only a couple of weeks, I can feel my conditioning coming back up.  Every time someone asks me about it, I give them your contact info, along with a glowing report on how much I like it.”      

Robert – Idaho

 “On my 9th year (!) with my Day 6 – my other car – and I simply LOVE it!!! Sooo comfy, yet sporty and capable and essential in my daily bike rides with my two sidekicks. I move a lot and it’s come with me from Chicago to Houston to Paris (France) and now back to Chicago, so it has survived multiple ocean and transcon truck transits. Recommend it wholeheartedly!”      


 “My husband & I love our Day 6 Journeys!!!! Never fails to get double takes when we pass others on our rides around city lake. Most comfortable bike ride ever for we 60+ year olds!”      


 “I brought home my new Samson yesterday.  Never knew a bike could feel this good at my age (70)!”      

George in Washington

 “My spouse and I just purchased each a Day 6 Dream24….without biking in several years I automatically went 7 miles which shocked me! My spouse was able to do 4 without issues. Both have problems with meniscus …. and we didn’t have an issue! We live in Florida, pretty flat… but the inclines were made easier with the 24 speed. LOVE THIS BIKE!”      


 “I tried out a Day6 last Friday. I have been suffering with sciatica and recently started PT. Was told I might have to stop riding at least for a while. (Didn’t go over well, as I bike about 22 miles a week) But when i saw this bike out front I thought oh wow I HAVE to try it. So I took it on the ride instead of my Specialized bike. OMG not a twinge out of my back. I will have to fine tune the seat and arms but wow what a nice bike.”      


 “I’m a person who used to get my exercise mostly by running and some by biking. As my knees got older I knew I had to switch to more biking. But I also knew I could no longer use the conventional bike I had. My back couldn’t take the hunching down to reach the handlebars, my wrists couldn’t bear the weight of my upper body on them and my bottom certainly could no longer sit on the narrow seat in that posture without extreme discomfort. First I looked at different seats but then I knew I had to find a different bike. I did test rides on many including the stand up ElliptiGO and several recumbent 3 wheeled types. I didn’t like the ride and I didn’t feel very safe on these bikes. Then I took a test ride on a bike I’d never heard of: Day 6. It was a 2 wheeled bike with high handlebars and a seat with a backrest allowing the rider to sit upright. I was much more comfortable sitting up and I could see where I was going. It was love at first ride and I bought it on the spot. As I told the salesman the next week, “I wouldn’t trade it for a million bucks.” I would say to others, forget what you think a bike should look like. The Day 6 is well designed, well built and looks stylish. Of course the handlebars and seat are adjustable but so is the backrest. It has a pouch on the backrest which is roomy and comes in very handy. Unlike the standup bike or the 3 wheelers I can easily get it, along with another bike, on my car’s bike rack and take it anywhere. The comfort and smooth ride of this bike has brought the fun of biking back into my life.”

Mary – Iowa

 “I am 66 years old and haven’t ridden a bicycle in about 30 years. Due to a number of joint problems I deal with, when I tried to ride when camping recently I found that it was just too painful. After a bit of research online I found and ordered a Day6 bike. It was delivered to a local bike shop where they assembled it. Finally, other than a bit of normal “out of shape” muscle rebellion I am riding pain free! My husband and I can ride together now on our camping trips and I might just get him to make the switch for his back!”      


 “I had to completely give up bicycle riding due to arthritic neck coupled with bone spurs. The pain was unbearable. Accidentally found your company on line. Been riding for about a month. Absolutely no pain. I am shocked. I am 74 years old and have my life back.”      


“I am continually amazed with my Day 6 bike. At 64 and overweight with chronic joint problems, I can’t comfortably walk one block, but I just got back from 40 minutes on my bike. The design is pure genius. Absolutely nothing hurts or is uncomfortable when I am riding. My bad back, hip and knee all are quiet and seem to enjoy the ride too. I have had this bike for about 5 years and love it more every time I ride it.”


“Thank you for designing and building a great bicycle, the Dream8. I had ridden road bikes most of my life. Once I hit 60 years of age, that type of bike was no longer a viable option. The Dream8 has graced my garage for 2 months now, and I am thoroughly enjoying ownership of this miracle. It is extremely comfortable and does not induce any of those “aches” that my road bikes did. I am “out in the wind” again and back to a regular work-out routine. Thanks again.”

Bob in Florida

“Simply put, I love my Dream 24 Day 6 bicycle. In fact, I literally crave riding it. It is the most comfortable thing on two wheels that I have ever sat on. I have loved cycling for many years, but my racing bike was starting to cause pain between my shoulder blades – and when that area didn’t hurt, my derriere did. The Day 6 solves both of those problems. My average distance used to be about 30 miles – the second time I went out on “Dreamy,” I easily biked 60 and could have gone farther, but it was getting dark! It is not a light-weight bike, as most semi-recumbents are not, but you make that trade for the sake of unbelievable comfort. Just buy this bike – it is a whole new biking experience. You will love it!”

Betsy in CA

“Kelly, I did purchase a Day 6 and it has absolutely changed my life. I had not ridden a bike for probably 30 years because of back pain with standard bikes. This bicycle has allowed me to ride our local bike path and I am up to 9 miles at a time. My husband and I now can enjoy the outdoors together. My new bicycle has caused a lot of interest from bikers on the bike bath. I always tell them how it has changed my life. “


Nancy in Ohio

“Thank you! Because of the bike you made for me, I was able to ride in my first group ride ever. It was a blast and I loved it. A game changer. I rode 25 miles and got good exercise, but was not exhausted. Could not have done it without your bike. I so appreciate you and what you did for me.”


“We liked the bikes so much we went back today and bought another one for my wife.”

Brett – Illinois

“I am so glad I persisted and did not go for (any other crank forwards)! After riding a BikeE for 15 years, it was a Day 6 or bust! The Day 6 is wonderful and my husband even sprang for the Samson because I liked it soooo much.”

Darlene in FL

“Oh my gosh, the bike is amazing with the battery! I went on a 10 mile ride yesterday with my friends. It has changed my life!”

Ann in TX

“I finally got a day without rain yesterday and went for a short ride with my grandson. This is the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden! Absolutely love it!! I am a 66 year old grandma who loves to bike ride! Thank you for creating a well made comfortable bike.”

Diana in Florida

“Your bike has changed my life. Literally the best money I have ever spent on anything.”

Joyce in TN

“I am so glad I persisted and did not go for the Sun, the Giant or the Trek crank forwards! After riding a Bike E for 15 years, it was a Day 6 or bust! The Day 6 is wonderful and my husband even sprang for the Samson because I liked it soooo much. Merry Christmas to me, from my great hubby!”

Darlene in FL

“I’m not one to write testimonials but I feel as if I have to for this find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While my husband and I, along with my sister and her husband, were planning our vacation to take our RV’s to San Diego this year, we were reminded of how much we loved bike riding along the beach and the bay. But there was a problem, my husband suffers from a condition called hidradenitis (which for most people traditionally affects the groin and under arm areas). The problem is that he had a total knee replacement roughly three years ago and while he was undergoing 6 weeks of therapy the therapist had him on a traditional stationary bike which caused him to flare, which lasted almost an entire year, so we swore off biking from then on. With that in mind we were hesitant in the planning stages to join the others for daily biking along the boardwalks and such. UNTIL my brother-in-law did some research on-line and found the Day 6 bike…. The purchase of the Day 6 ended up changing everything, we had a total blast, able to ride 10+ miles daily, my husband was 100% fine in all aspects, while all the others were completely uncomfortable and had to stop because of their seats (you know what I mean). The Day 6 bike in its entirety is awesome, we are elated, not only is the seat amazing but it’s the total package, your wrists don’t hurt, your neck doesn’t hurt, your back doesn’t hurt, your rear end doesn’t hurt… nothing hurts!!!!!!! We feel like kids again…. We are continuing to ride here at home too. We recommend the Day 6 bike to everyone, it’s ergonomically correct! Oh and by the way… he sure turns a lot of heads as we ride by.”


“I have some physical limitations due to a pediatric stroke which resulted in some left side weakness. I wanted to let you know that I was finally able to purchase a Dream 8 bike at my local dealer today, and rode 45 minutes for the first time in years! It is by far the most comfortable bike. I am beyond thrilled to find a bike that will allow me to be active again.”


“I haven’t had much luck with bicycles. The posterior hurts, things quickly go numb and I’m bent way too far over to be anything resembling comfort. After much research I settled on the Day-6. I bought one as soon as it became available at my local bike shop. I was impressed as soon as I got on it for a test ride! Comfortable seat, nice back rest, ergonomically the best bike I’d ever ridden. On my second ride, the very first weekend I had the bike, I took it on a 17 mile ride. It wasn’t planned. The bike was so comfortable, I just didn’t want to turn around!! This was phenomenal. Normally I couldn’t ride a bike 15 minutes, let alone a couple of hours! Now I can go as far and as long as I want. Great bike and I Love it!! The downside is that now I need a bike rack for my car since it looks like, with the Day-6, I’m going to be doing a lot of riding! Thanks for making such a great product!”

Jim Gulfport, MS

“Day 6 has provided me with years of enjoyment. I can actually get around. Despite my herniated disc problems, spinal stenosis, and a dropped foot, etc.; I can enjoy the open air and ride in comfort. The bike affords me the mobility I would not have without it. I can ride around the neighborhood, go shopping, etc. I cannot walk very far or for very long, BUT…I can ride for miles! I have owned this bike for about 10 years (at least 10,000 miles!)…It has always been kept outdoors (in my carport) about 50 feet from salty Sarasota Bay and it still looks brand new. No rust and everything still works. Over the years I have only had to replace the brake cables and recently, the bench seat. My Day 6 has made my life even more enjoyable. Great bike, Great company!”

Captnemo, Longboat Key, FL

“The seat, Oh MY!  I think I might have died and gone to heaven when I discovered that seat/backrest arrangement. Thanks for a wonderful design.”

Carole S.

“The Day 6 bicycle reduces low back compression, places the diaphragm and respiratory cavity in their most effective position during aerobic function, maximizes optimal pelvic and hip mechanics, reduces back strain because of hamstring facilitation, and allows reciprocal activity to occur without compensating as one does on the traditional bike frame to manage balance. I recommend the Day 6 bike to my patients and to physical therapists attending my courses. The support system, adjustability feature and the mechanical engineering allows those patients with neck, shoulder, and back strain to workout without increasing headaches, fatigue, fibromyalgic symptoms, muscular trigger point pain and joint inflammation.”

Ron Hruska, MPA, PT Postural Restoration Institute™, Director

“I tried out the Day 6 and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, superb comfort, excellent low speed handling, easy to bop on & off curbs. Thanks for the time spent on the phone. I truly hope your business takes off because, for what I want in a bike, you’re making the best bike I’ve ridden.”

Doug in MI

“Yesterday Sue and I took our Day 6 bikes on an adventure on the Lewes-Rehoboth Loop which features some absolutely beautiful and amazing bike trails. If you are ever in Delaware you really must ride this Loop. It is awesome. I was challenged, without electric assist, to keep up with Sue but I did just fine. Love my standard Day 6 though. Sue had a great time riding her electric Day 6 on the trails with me. All I can say is wow. We had so much fun. Her bike performed wonderfully. Thanks for such an amazing bicycle.”

Larry and Sue, DE

“I love my bike I got a few years ago! What I love is this bike allows me to ride after two knee replacements, four spine surgeries, a broken hip, and two shoulder replacements! What other bike can do that!”

Veronica, Illinois

“I bike for pleasure preferring distance versus speed. My standard street bike left me with a sore back, strained wrists and numb fingers so going any enjoyable distance turned pleasure into “pain”! My only choices forward were either a tricycle or a beach cruiser. After getting my Day 6 Dream 21 bicycle my bike life was born again. In the first 3 months I was averaging 100 miles a week. Currently I’m over 2800 miles in the last 8 months. Not bad for a retired lady who just got back into biking the year before. Praises for my Day 6 bicycle, I am a fan FOREVER.”

Carla C, – Melbourne, Florida

“I ride my Day 6 almost every day. I had it serviced this spring to replace a cable for the shifter; otherwise there has been no need for servicing. Thanks for such a fine product. I would not be riding today if I still had to use my old bike with the high bar and drop bars. Just turned 70 and still enjoying the rides. Will be taking it to Nova Scotia for a vacation this summer. Thanks for connecting. Best wishes!”

Steve, Massachusetts

“I purchased an electric bike from Day 6 Bicycles located in Iowa. I did not know what to expect as I previously rode non-electric bikes of normal configuration and was experiencing discomfort mostly with the seat and handle bar set up, which lead to me riding less and less over time. After riding my Day 6 electric bike the joy of bike riding has returned. The semi recumbant configuration is an “A plus” design, combined with the seat, back rest and handle bars I am experiencing no discomfort no matter how long I ride. Then add the electric motor and even more joy returns to bike riding. It can be windy, there can be hills and with an assist from the electric motor and all those things just vanish. I am riding all the time, for longer distances and getting way more exercise than I could have imagined putting up with the discomfort of my regular bike. One of the best purchases I have made for my health and well being!”

Steve B. – MN

“I love the bike. It draws attention! Sure would like to see more of them around here. It is very efficient. I thought the gearing was wrong until I put a computer on it and found that the speed I was moving was greater than the effort put forth.”

Lee R.

“Just wanted you to know how much we have enjoyed riding again! I had pretty much given up riding street bikes because of the uncomfortable seating. The seat design of the Day 6 was unique and the problem of riding fatigue left me and hasn’t returned. My wife and I have been stopped countless times in traffic and on the bike trails by folks who exclaim about the bikes. My wife always tells them that the rider can sit on the seat while stopped and still put their feet on the ground. They look stunned and then acknowledge the fact. We average between 1500 to 2500 miles per year. During the summer we have ridden as much as 200 miles/week. We have done two 73-mile day rides and I know it would not have been possible without these bikes. Our son rode his street bike during these rides and because of his having to lean forward, he had wrist and bottom fatigue. We did not. Your seat and handlebar placement prevented it. I estimate that over all, these bikes have over 12,000 miles on them. All we’ve ever done to them was just standard maintenance. We just finished a trip to the Smoky Mountains, taking the bikes for the second time, and had a ball! Rode 80 miles on the Townsend, Maryville, and Knoxville, TN greenways (bike/hike trails). The bikes gave a whole new dimension to our vacation. Thank you for making such a great product. Don’t change a thing!”

Steven, Massachusetts

“I have to tell you, what you’ve done is super impressive. I hope you are doing well with it. I had my doubts early on, but you really stuck to your mission. Your bike is a near perfect example of what is missing from our market place right now.”

Thanks, Bob

“Hi Kelly, I absolutely LOVE the Day 6 Dream SL21. It is faster going up hills than any recumbent bike I have ever owned – and far more comfortable than any upright bike or “comfort” bike too. It’s a joy to ride, and I can’t wait to get home from work so I can ride it. Once I get a handlebar bag for it, I’ll start riding it to work (roughly 16 miles one way).”

Thanks, Jane B

“I am now riding my new Day 6 – it Rocks! Very maneuverable, and my wife likes it also.”

Thanks, Kevin

“I finally got to take a real ride on the bike yesterday and again today. It is so comfortable! And it does well on hills too. I am out of shape so my riding is not very flashy or fast but the bike is still a pleasure to ride. Today I passed a group of kids and one of them yelled out “that’s a sweet bike!”  It really is.”

Thanks. Becky

“I was diagnosed with MS in 1994. This year is the first year that I have the strength to ride a bike. I found Day 6 Bicycles’ website and I knew I wanted this bike! I can ride my Dream21 everywhere! I live where there are a lot of hills and the 21 gears work great! I ride every day and I tried my wife’s diamond frame trail bike and there is no way I will ride anything but the Dream! My Day6 Bike is the Bomb! I recommend this bike to everyone who has back, knee, and neck problems or anyone who wants comfort riding a bike.”


“I test rode one of your great bikes at the Minneapolis bike show. I also test rode the bike I currently own (a recumbent), in order to make a ride-to-ride comparison. Today I sold the recumbent, and money in hand, I am ready to purchase the Dream. I am very excited! I have purchased a dozen conventional bikes and 2 recumbents in the course of my life (I am 58) and the Dream is the most comfortable design I have ever tried. I am a recreational rider who likes to putz around town, and take weekend rides on paved bike trails. I have arthritic wrists, and I am no athlete. The Dream fits my needs to a T.”

Kathleen C. – MN

“Thanks Kelly! Betty and I went for a ride on Sunday and I got to try out our electric Day 6 for the first time. We chose a trail with a lot of hills and what a difference the motor makes! It is so nice to have, and after a bit of practice, you can really find the “zone” with the combination of the gear and RPM of the motor that really seems to just fly along! We went about 15 miles and my battery indicator never came off green, so the batteries must be in good condition. I feel kind of guilty using it, but I didn’t have any knee pain after the ride either. We also had some people come up to us and ask about the bikes, and I gave them your card. It really gives me some incentive to go on some trails with hills that I would otherwise choose not to because of my knees.”

Thanks again, Curt

“Kelly, My name is jedd. I am david’s son. I just wanted to say thank you very much for the day 6 electric bicycle. I am riding it almost every day except when it rains. It goes fast and it does good going up hills. It was just as everything i expected it to be. If their are any problems with the bike my dad or i will contact you.”

Thanks again Kelly! Jedd.

“This bike is incredible!”

Ken H

“Great to hear you’re back. I rode a recumbent for several year. In August of 2013 my recumbent was stolen. In the spring of 2014 I started riding my wife’s Day 6. I put 1,500 miles on the Day 6 including a 300 plus trip through southern Ohio. I still haven’t replaced my recumbent.”


“Just a quick note to let you know that our two new Day 6 Bicycles are, literally, a “DREAM” come true! We hadn’t been bike riding in a couple of years and were not looking forward to getting back on our traditional bikes and the anticipation of sore/stressed body parts. The design of the DREAM has addressed every aspect of the aforementioned concerns! Simply said, they are a joy to ride and great fun! We are both 60 years old and feeling like a couple of kids when on our bikes.”

Thanks Day 6! George and Mary

“We were just in Key West at the military campground (lots of retirees) and let a lot of curious campers try it out. With rheumatoid arthritis, I was down to 10 minutes of regular biking and it was agony. Day 6 means I’m on that thing at least an hour pain-free.”

Kay L.

“I have two of them, one of which has never been on the road. All that is said about these, consider it a fact. I let my nieces and others ride them and can’t get them off. Strongly recommended so easy to pedal. Mine some of the very first sold.”

– Gary

“Best bike ever! Good luck!”

– Joyce H.

“Day 6 bikes are amazing. I love mine.”

– Kathy B.

“Thank God Day 6 is back. People love ’em, ask for them by name, and will be delighted to be able to get their hands on them again.”

– John B.